10 things you did not know about me

1.I love to play football.

2.My favourite colour is purple.

3.My friends are Ciara,Erin,Louise,Kate and Ellen.

4.My favourite subject is maths,english and history.

5.I have two dogs called Tilly and milo.

6.I have three sisters one brother.

7.Favourite food is pizza,chips and chocolate.

8.I am ten

9.I like to go on my ipod.

10.Love to read David Walliams.

how I am different online


At home I am a ordinary girl but when I am  online  I love to go crazy like make avatars.Lets get started  this avatar  represents I have good hearing [not really I am deaf].The big eyes mean I have nice  eyes like stars.The loins tail is because I am brave and  strong. The pink pants and purple top represent my favoute colour. The big wings mean I want to fly

This is my wild self. The big ears mean I am a good listener[not really I am deaf]. The big wings represent that I stand out then all the rest and I want to fly. My tail means I am strong and brave and  my top represents purple and pink my favourite colour. The hearts on my top mean I love dogs and chocolate.